Some Pests Are Not Just Pests For Our Beloved Garden


The large majority of gardeners choose the less expensive and less time consuming ways to keep away the garden pests. As surprising as it may seem, we are the only responsible for the amount of garden pests our beloved plants meet.

There are a few simple rules we need to follow and as a result our garden will become a safe haven for our plants and also a lot greener and pesticide free space.

Planting our vegetation at the right time needs a bit of research so it is not at all surprising we would rather avoid it and plant by year.

The purpose of respecting the time of planting is directly linked to the plant’s resistance.

In order for them to be prepared for the pests they need to grow and be fit so leaving them enough space to evolve is another weapon we have against the garden pests. A strong plant will be able to defend itself and also be resilient when facing the attacks.

If planting in time, it will prevent pests like the root fly and the cabbage butterfly to lay their eggs. Staying away from pesticides will get you an all vegan garden and a lot of healthy meal choices.

The point is, take your time and spend it in your garden. Pay attention and you will get results.