The Smart Way To Get Rid Of Yard Moles!


Moles are small rodents which are practically blind and harmless. The only harm they do is to the yard where they happily dig holes and tunnels making it look unsightly and also harming the plants you are nurturing there.

At some point or the other it becomes inevitable that you need to get rid of yard moles. Here are a few natural ways to make your yard mole free.

yard molesMoles normally inhabit a yard when there is plenty of food for them, so if you have moles it means that there are plenty of grubs and larvae in your yard.

If you can get rid of them the moles will have to shift homes to look for food. You can achieve this by watering the soil less to reduce the number of grubs.

Castor oil is a natural mole repellant and works wonderfully to get rid of yard moles. All that needs to be done is to water the affected area well and then spray it with castor oil with the help of a hand sprayer.

Remember to water the area again so that oil seeps into the soil. Castor oil irritates the skin of moles thus forcing them to look for safer places. You should be rid of them completely in a couple of weeks.

Another simple way to get rid of yard moles is to plant skunk lilies in your yard. The moles hate the smell and will soon leave your yard for more welcoming spaces. Garlic too works in a similar fashion.

An unusual but effective way to get rid of the moles would be to put used cat litter down their holes and tunnels. This will scare the moles away as cats are their natural predators. Putting human hair down their tunnels also works similarly. You can easily get plenty of hair from a nearby saloon.

You may try mole poisons or traps to get rid of yard moles too, but they are not as effective and can also prove dangerous to house pets and children. You can also try Shake away powders that work well to make the moles vacate your yard.

The Dry Fox Urine powder works well for moles and is available online. People have also tried using camphor balls. A few camphor balls in their tunnels and holes is quite enough for the moles to look for better homes.

It is advisable to use natural means to get rid of yard moles as it does not disturb the balance of your yard and is also safe if you have pets or children around.

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