5 Fantastic Tips For Caring For Your Garden In Spring

spring gardening tips1

Spring is a difficult time for garden owners as it is during this season that the maximum number of leaves and flowers fall off and create a mess in your lawn.  If you do not regularly clean your garden in spring time, then chances are that the mess will only grow in size as the days pass, making the task of cleaning even more difficult. Therefore you must do care for the garden on a regular basis.

spring gardening tips1

For this, the following given 5 tips and suggestions will prove very useful.

1. Cleaning your Repairing your Garden during Spring Time

The biggest problem with any spring garden is the uneven ground. These low spots are responsible for causing poor drainage and thus will lead to other problems.  Thus it is important to clean the garden regularly in spring time.  Also repairing is very important because these high and low spots can cause a lot of trouble.  So just grab a shovel, and cut all those areas which are raised. For the low areas, just fill those dips.

2. Planting Grass in the Spring Time

Another way to take care of your garden during spring season is to plant grass in the bare or brown areas.  This can be done by reseeding the naked parts.  You must also improve your soil condition in order to produce minimum trouble.  Also, before choosing a seed, you must be sure of which variety suits the area that you live in.

3. Fertilizing Grass in the Spring

After your grass gets established, you will need to apply a combination of herbicides and fertilizers.  But remember to apply these things only in suitable quantities and depending upon the weed problem. This ensures that weed does not destroy your garden in spring time and will also encourage the growth of grass.

4. Mow your Garden in Spring

Mowing is very important for proper growth of your garden and for its proper maintenance and health. If you mow your grass with a low blade height then it will remove all the nutrients that are stored in the leaf blades.  So remember not to mow your garden with a low blade.

5. Lawn Care Equipments

Another important step to take care of your garden in spring is to take care of the garden care equipments. For example, you can remove the gasoline, drain the oil, clean all equipments, fill the oil tank and replace the air filter.

Photo Credit By: sheawong.com