What Is Tissue Culture in Plants?


For sure you had some plants you would want to have a bigger supply off in order to plant or to sell. This is what tissue culture in plants can help you with. The main point of the technique is to get a piece of the plant and place it in a sterile medium that comes with nutrients so that it will be possible for the cells to multiply.

The growth medium that you use for plant culture tissue varies according to the purposes that you have, such as undifferentiated callus tissue, grow roots, multiplication of the plantlets, or multiplication of the embryos.

Tissue Culture in PlantsThose people who don’t really understand the process might be concerned about it, and they consider it something mysterious.

Actually there is no mystery about it. The process is very similar to taking a cutting and growing a plant of it to offer a friend. Also using plant culture tissue isn’t as technical either as it may seem at first.

You may be thinking about scientists in white gowns and in a hospital environment working with such tissue culture in plants, but that is already a bit too much. Nonetheless it is true that you need a sterile setting, where there is as little air movement as possible, because the air could be bringing contaminants.

How to choose the plants for plant culture tissue?

Some of the plants are easier to be used than other. Some of them could have a reluctant response to culture, while some might not respond at all and we also have to add that some plants have never been worked with.

The medium

There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about medium regarding tissue culture in plants, such as the price, the kind of plant that you are working with, convenience and most of all, the purposes that you have for the activity. The hormones are also important, and this is why you should be thinking about stores and health food stores too. In order to prepare the medium for the process you should sterilize it in an autoclave or a pressure cooker.

The truth regarding plant culture tissue is that there are many different ways to do it and there is a wide variety of supplies and equipment to be used during the procedure. The decisions that you make could be based on time, space and money that you can invest.

The pieces of plant that you take for tissue culture in plants purposes will divide and create a colorless mass in case they are kept in special conditions. The conditions that we are referring to, include coming from the right tissue regarding the plant in question and having high levels of cytokinin and auxin that are regulators of the medium.

The growth medium of the plant culture tissue should have organic and inorganic features in the same time. In order not to have competition from microorganisms, there should be aseptic conditions while collecting. As you can see dealing with tissue culture in plants isn’t exactly rocket science.