Using Toads To Get Rid Of Garden Pests


garden pestsMore and more gardeners are appreciating the importance of using natural products and techniques in their own backyard.

Composting, companion planting and organic bug control are now to the fore of modern gardening methods.

While deciding how to tackle the various pests that like to visit your plants consider what living creatures can do for you.

A lot more people are inviting various animals into their outdoor space to keep down a lot of the unwanted visitors that arrive each year in the yard.

The latter can do a great deal of damage to leaves and flowers, in some cases a whole plant can be destroyed in minutes. Toads could be your new best friend.

If you create the right environment in your yard for a toad, it will make short work of all the different insects that want to attack your beds and borders.

You may never need to resort to an insecticide ever again and you will probably be encouraged to introduce others in the same way.

The right conditions for a toad are fairly simple to create; they are amphibious and therefore love water and moisture, even digging quite deeply down to find it. A simple shallow garden pond would be ideal as long as the surroundings can provide shelter and an element of shade.

If you want to go one step further, however, your toad will be very appreciative. You can actually buy specially designed housing or alternatively create something from an old upturned clay pot.

Even if you just dig a small hole around the pond area for them which can be covered by a stone it will be just perfect.