Watering Your Garden With The Suitable Irrigation System


Many of us think that automatic watering is the smartest invention in gardening especially if we are the owners of a large garden. Such a garden comes with a lot of pride but also with a lot of ground to cover which is in danger to quench and dry if you go out of town for a few summer days. Here are a few useful tips concerning what kind of irrigation should you use for your garden.

There is a lot of talk on whether one should choose above the ground or under the ground irrigation. Among the automatic watering systems the most commonly met are the drop by drop surface irrigation. The micro sprinklers fueled by a pipe network set on the ground and the buried watering networks fueled by underground pipes are also pretty common.

watering the gardenNo matter which of these watering systems you choose, they all come with an automatic gear box that once set will start automatically to water your garden even if you are not at home.

Choosing the right irrigation system depends on the surface of your garden and before you pick one you should know that the buried systems are more expensive and are generally designed for large surfaces and regions with predominant dry climate.

There are few things that are useful to know about each of the watering types so you would make the right choice when picking your own.

The drop by drop system is very efficient from the economical point of view. Easy to install, this is the most recommended system for the small gardens, live fences, flowers or vegetable gardens. With very small water consumption this system irrigates only the roots of the plants. The only minus it has is the fact the pipe network displayed on the ground is not exactly esthetic.

Micro sprinklers are also an economical idea because the thin rain they spread is created out of very little water. This type of watering does not damage the plants and it is ideal for fragile flowers and vegetables.

The buried irrigation system is especially designed for lawns. It is made of an ensemble of pipes and turbines that can cover almost 10 meters in watering distance. Keep in mind that such an irrigation system requires a technical plan and in most cases the presence of a professional in the matter may be required.

The bottom line is that depending on what kind of irrigation system you choose or what type of programming comes with it, the cost may be very different from one to the other. That is why it is better to analyze the options and then make the investment.

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