Which Insects Are Pests And Which Are Helping Your Gardening?


There are several things you need to know about insects in your garden. Some of them are good, other need to be removed in order to provide more healthy growth to your plants.

Tachinid flies are one of the most common insects. They are the enemies of many pests like cabbage loppers, tent caterpillars and squash bugs. The benefits of this type of insects are that they actually help nectar producing and pollen growth.

ladybugWhile tachinids play a good role, the housefly is one of the insects you have to be careful about.

Manage your waste and you will demolish the spread of the housefly and its eggs. Don’t put meat in the composed pile in order to avoid the spread of the insects.

Mexican bean beetle is another bad insect, which chews the plants leaves and because of them the leaves start to look like lice. In case there are already damaged plants, remove them from the row, provide protection to the crops with row covers and plant a new row every few weeks.

Ladybugs are insects that look almost like the Mexican bean beetle, but the difference is that the ladybugs are actually useful for your garden. They are known as garden helpers, because they feed on mealy bugs, aphids, scale and many pests.

Many gardeners are trying to attract these insects in their gardens as they grow coriander, fennel and yarrow, because these are the plants that attract the helpful Ladybug.