Which is better Garden Soil or Potting Soil?


A lot of people like gardening and this hobby can relieve you of your stress, aid in environmental causes and also help you to learn loads about the green world. However, before you start gardening to relax, you need to know about certain technical details of gardening, or else, your efforts will all be wasted. One of the first things that you need to learn about gardening is the difference between the potting soil or top soil and gardening soil. Once you are aware of their differences you can use them according to your needs.


Garden soil versus potting soil –

You may not be aware of the fact but there are various types of soil, for example top soil or potting soil and garden soil. Potting soil and top soil have very different composition and are used for different types of gardening. It is important to know about their nature, because, the growth of your garden will depend on it. Here are some of the important points that you should know about them –

  • Garden soil or topsoil should be your choice if you are planning to grow vegetables, fruits or flowers in a garden. It is the soil that is used in the planting beds that lay outside. They cannot be used if you are planning to plant saplings in a container. If you use it in a container, chances are that it will be too soggy and moist, which will lead the root of the plant to rot.
  • Another problem with garden soil, when used in a container could be that the soil tends to shrink and as a result move away from the sides of the container, thereby making the sides too dry. Or else, if it contains more heavy clay, it will be too heavy for the container, and will behave like concrete.
  • On the other hand, potting soil, which is specially mixed to be used in a pot, provides an adequate amount of moisture, which helps the growth of the plants in the pot easier. Potting soil often does not have too much of the real soil and is actually made of various ingredients such as bark, coconut husk, sphagnum moss etc.
  • You cannot use potting soil in open outdoor plant beds, because, it will dry out too quickly and therefore the plants will die.

These are the most important differences between the two soils, and you need to use them according to the location where you are planting.