Winter And Getting Your Garden Ready For It


Any gardener knows that winter is exactly the time when he should clean up the garden and prepare it for the upcoming season.

garden cleaningThe closing down of the garden typically begins around late October and continues till the end of November, when it is usually the first snow.

The preparation of the garden should start with evaluating the garden design.

Move the plants, which didn’t grow well and plan their new place. Plant the bulbs, as well the bare-root shrubs and trees.

Dividing the perennials is also a must, because this will help them to grow healthier in the spring.

In case you want to plant more flowers in your garden, now is the best time to do it.

The flowers, which are planted in winter, blooms in the late spring. These are the Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan), Aster Novi-Belgii, Anemone Japonica, Sedum spectabile.

Hydrangea paniculata is a must for anyone that would want more flowers, because this plant provides extremely nice color in the fall.

Bring most of the flowers inside the house and start cleaning up the entire garden. Cleaning also needs a system. You should start cleaning up the diseased leaves, especially for scrubs and trees.