Tidy Garden, Tidy Mind: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Garden In Order


We’ve all heard the saying, “Tidy home, tidy mind”. Well the same applies to your garden too so it’s important not to forget your outdoor space when giving your house a good spring clean. So how often should you be tidying your garden? Your garden can be anything between 15% to 20% off your overall property price – so keeping it looking great should be something you think about on a daily or weekly basis.

Here are 5 quick tips for making your garden look fantastic all year round:

fantastic-garden1.Trim Your Plants

Trim away any sprawling plants to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. This very simple task can have your garden looking fantastic in minutes. Get a good pair of gardening scissors and make sure you wear gloves to keep your hands protected. For a great guide on some must-have hand tools, take a look at our article here.

2. Regular Weeding

The most effective way of weeding is to pull them out by the root. But today, there are also many weedkiller sprays and powders available to purchase from most garden centres or supermarkets. There are also some homemade weed killing remedies you could try such as boiling hot water, bleach or vinegar. For a full list of homemade weedkillers, see this related article.

3.Keep Your Tools Tidy

Tools and gardening equipment can create clutter if they are not stored away properly. A garden shed is a fast and simple way of keeping everything you need in one place. Not only that, but garden sheds can also add another dimension to your garden. There are many different shed sizes available to suit all yards. Take a look at the different sizes available from Shedsandthings.co.uk.

4.Clean Your Patio

A quick sweep and hose down will usually do the trick. Cleaning your patio will prevent build up of dirt, grime or moss. Moss killers are available from supermarkets and garden centres if you need some extra help in getting rid of the unwanted growth.

You can scrub your patio with warm water and soap or you can use a pressure washer to target more stubborn dirt.

5.Spring Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a fantastic addition to any garden and it can transform your outdoor area into a brilliant social space. But furniture needs to be looked after if you don’t want your backyard space to look run down. Garden furniture should be wiped over with a wet cloth every week, and every so often, they may need a more thorough clean or polish. Just be sure to check the care instructions with your furniture. For instance, resin tables and chairs should be cleaned using soapy water and some types of hardwood may need to be varnished or treated with teak oil.