A Garden Bejeweled By Butterfly Wings


butterflyAny gardener will tell you that butterflies are not only beautiful creatures, they are useful and actually attracting those means you will need to help the pollinating process of your plants.

Here are few steps how to attract the butterflies in your own garden.

One of the most important things you need to know is that butterflies love the sun, since they are cold-blooded.

They are attracted by plants that grow in full sun areas. Since the wind is their enemy, you can ensure butterflies protection from it as you grow bushes near the flowers area, where the butterflies can hide from the bad weather conditions. Tall plants are also proper for this matter.

The moisture of your soil is also a factor, when it comes to attracting butterflies. The beautiful creatures often prefer gardens that are rich with mineral salts so you can use fertilizers containing salt.

In case you want butterflies, grow nectar producing plants. These are asters, marigolds, zinnias and purple cornflowers. In case you have them in your garden, this will surely attracts butterflies.

You can also plan your flower area in rows, which is helping the butterflies. Don’t forget to sow bushes and tall flowers near the area, where your flowers are located.

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