Compost Tea – What Is It And What You Should Know About It


The gardeners often call the compost tea a boutique fertilizer, because it is rare and yet is one of the cleanest fertilizers, even cleaner than some organic ones. When it comes to its preparing, we are offering you few tips how to do it.

One of the most important things is that good compost is very important and without proper biology in the compost you can’t get a quality tea. The experts are advising to choose mix from 3 different composts in order to increase the diversity in the tea.

compost teaMaximize your output of beneficial biology and try to not give the bacteria and the fungi too much food, because this causes their over-replicating and the result is that tea goes anaerobic.

Oxygen is perhaps the main factor of the process. All living organisms are using oxygen to survive, including your tea.

Make sure there is enough oxygen in your brew, because the lack of oxygen is producing bad organisms such as several pathogens.

This makes the tea to go anaerobic. If there is enough oxygen, the tea stays aerobic in the entire brewing process and successfully produces good biology.

This, according to the experts is one of the clearest fertilizers for your plants.