Container Gardening – Get Awesome Results With The Right Container


Container gardening can be a challenge; and any gardener knows it for sure. When it comes to container gardening, it always comes to landscaping too.

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Therefore, here are few tips on how to improve your landscaping with container gardening and some tricks on how to do it. At first, remember that you can grow anything – from flowers to vegetables, into containers.

Typically the containers are used when your patio or porch isn’t very spacious. Actually many specialists claim, that some flowers grow easier in containers.

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In case you want to have beautiful landscape, choose the right containers. Don’t go for containers with narrow openings, for they are uncomfortable. Many people are buying cheap plastic pots, just because they are affordable, but there is a huge problem about those types of containers.

The UV sunlight dries the plastic pots and the plants inside them “choke” easily. Therefore, avoid buying plastic containers, unless they are not upgraded with special UV filter.

container gardenThe best containers for growing plants remain the glazed ceramic pots, but you should consider the fact that they don’t have drainage holes and you should make some holes by yourself.

Recently there is a modern tendency for wooden containers, because they are great for the garden’s décor, but you should be careful while choosing the wood.

For instance, the red wood and the cedar are rot resistant, not to mention you can use them directly without painting, because they have their own beautiful color. Don’t buy painted wooden pots, for they contain lots of toxins such are creosote or penta.

They can damage the plant easily; so avoid buying such containers. As for the capacity, choose containers between 15 to 120 quarts capacity.

If the pot is too small, the roots will not have enough space to grow and will dry out very fast. Choose the container’s size according to the size of the plant you want to grow inside.

Research more about the root system of the flowers and the vegetables you want to grow and consider that deep rooted plants require deep containers and pots.

Another thing, which is very important, is the drainage. The holes of the containers should be at least ½ inch, in order to provide proper drainage.

Set the containers on surfaces like bricks or blocks, for this will allow free drainage. As for the fertilizers, use common fertilizers. The sun and the water are very important, so place the containers on a sunny area and water them at least 3-4 times in a week.