Container Gardening Tips and Tricks – Part 1


One of our readers expressed the desire to know more about container gardening, so here are some more tips and tricks that can be used for successful container gardening:

Plant Selection: The plants that are going to comprise your container garden should ideally be the same size and proportion so as to appear uniform and harmonious. If you are going to use creepers or climbers they should be appropriately placed and supported.

The containers also should be large enough for the plant to have appropriate place to spread out its roots. Also try to create uniformity of the kind of plants you use in terms of the amount of water and sunlight they need.

If their needs are similar they will grow better together. Also consider that creepers and vines can take over neighboring plants and starve them of nutrients so placement is also of great importance.

Drainage: As the experienced gardener knows, over watering can be as bad as under-watering in many cases. Make sure the container you use has adequate drainage or use gravel at the bottom of the container. In the alternative, use a pot with drainage as an insert for the decorative container that you want to use.

Succulents are an excellent idea: Succulents such as different varieties of cacti are an excellent, low maintenance option for your container garden. They are extremely hardy, enjoy the sun and require very little water. They can be remarkably varied and attractive as well.