Container Water Gardening To Create The Illusion Of A Pond In Your Back Yard


container water gardenDo you want to have a water garden but lack enough space in your garden? Then a container water garden is the best option for you, as it is easy to build and is inexpensive.

Here is how to go about building an adorable container water garden:

Tips to build water gardens in container

  • For a basic container water garden, take an 18 to 20-inch plastic container that is 7 to 8 inches deep. All the items necessary for building a water container garden including small pebbles and pea gravel are available at most garden centers.
  • First of all, fill the container with fresh water at least up to two-thirds of the container. At the bottom of the container, you can add bricks to create different levels in your water garden.
  • Choose aquatic plants that suit your taste and desire. Now start adding plants to the container by immersing them in the water containers. Hold plants firmly until the soil present at the roots begins to soak up the water.
  • Make sure that you place the containers in a place which receives adequate sunlight, as aquatic plants require plenty of it, despite being underwater. Be very careful when you add chemicals to your water gardens in a container and ensure that they cause no harm to aquatic plants. You can also add fish to control mosquito breeding around container water gardens.