Does Your Garden Reflect Your Personality?


Have you ever thought about what your garden says about you and your personality? Ideally your garden, its construction and what you grow in it, should say something about your personality and your beliefs.

If you are an unconventional and free spirited person, then your garden may reflect that in the sort of plants you choose and their arrangement in your garden.

Rather than structured rows and flower beds clearly demarcated, one could choose wilder varieties of plants that appear less domesticated.

For a more organized person, who needs to have more structure and order in life, a garden could be more orderly, methodical and systematically laid out. The flower beds and their borders could be clearly demarcated, the kinds of plants neatly segregated and so on.

Also your garden could reflect your beliefs; if for instance the environment means a lot to you this could mean that you are a dedicated composter, that you use only natural or organic fertilizers and no chemicals such as pesticides etc. For a person who likes to live close to the earth, growing their own veggies may be of prime importance and so on.

So give it a thought, a garden that reflects not only your personality but also bears the stamp of your individuality, this will make it unique to you and your lifestyle.

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