Feng Shui Tips For Your Garden


basil plantFeng shui originated from the Chinese and is said to bring about good energy. Do it if you want to relax and draw this good energy to your home.

You can do this by introducing it in your garden. If not for good fortune, why not do it for fun then.

The types of plants you plant should be full of color; plant seasonal colorful plants so that you have colorful plants all year round.

Your garden will look beautiful and the colorful flowers will also attract good energy. Cactus plants are discouraged because of the spiky appearance. They are said to create anxiety.

Your garden should be shaped in the form of a circle. A circle is said to have no end and no beginning.

Something with no beginning and no end has no sadness or bitterness attached to it. Instead it draws a peaceful energy around.

You should also plant different herbs in your garden, whether you are going to use them or not [Growing herbs]. They bring long life and wealth to you and your family or whoever you live with.

Or you can sell them if you want, but do not remove all of them. Always keep some in the garden to maintain the atmosphere. For example, basil encourages success in personal ventures and rosemary helps in improving your memory. Jasmine acts like an anti depressant.

Light up your garden. Whether using bulbs or lanterns just make sure you throw a lot of light on your garden. The light in the southern corner of the garden will greatly enhance your fame and stabilize your relationships. [Outdoor lighting]

If you channel some light around the edges of your garden you also increase the chances of attaining good luck. A light in the western parts of your garden helps your romantic prospects to become better.

Create water features such as lakes and ponds in your garden. If you decide on a pond make sure that it is round. Water attracts Ch’i, and wealth.  Keep your water clean at all times and make sure there are no leakages.

Leakages will be bad luck on your finances as it will also mean that your finances are leaking from your grasp. You will suffer significant financial loss and will continue to do so until you fix up that leakage. Lawn that is not trimmed, dirty borders and drains can also lead to financial loss so beware![Lawn care tips]