Five plants you must not kill in your garden

Five plants you must not kill in your garden
Gardening is fun, but that does not mean we take it for granted and do not invest seriously in growing the best and getting the best. In the name of gardening, we ignore basics and do away with essential plants in the garden, which, otherwise, give shine and strength to the garden. There are certain plants which have the capability to survive in almost any condition, and that is why you must ensure their survival in your garden.

Five plants you must not kill in your garden

Here, in this article, we shall talk about five plants that you must never ever kill:

1. Oregano

It does not matter whether you pick a Greek oregano plant or a box of seeds from a nursery; what matters is the place where you will eventually plant it since this bright, green-colored perennial plant returns every summer.

Oregano plants are almost irresistible to butterflies and are conventionally used in Italian and Greek cuisines. There are so many ways you make use of oregano grown in your garden such as garnishing of home-made pizza and whatnot.

Whatever you decide to do, it is important to remember that the plant must always find a place in your garden.

2. Poppies

Poppies are the kind of plants which require little care and attention from our side, and what makes them all the more interesting is the fact that they are amazingly strong and hard-to-kill. Until it completely blooms with flowers, poppy looks like one unsightly plant which you would want to root out immediately, but hang on, it is a lovely species.

You will grow attached to poppies, and a time would come, especially after the month of June when the blooming period ends, you would dearly miss them. So, don’t kill them off.

3. Daffodils

Daffodils last for like forever. Infamously known as narcissus, daffodils are essentially spring-flowering bulbs which need little attention and care but hate the view of the sun. They also are picky about their location of growth, and thus, it is advisable that when you plant them during the fall, avoid shady or soggy spots, and when they bloom during the spring, let the leaves remain until entirely withered.

There are a number of varieties of daffodils such as white, yellow and bi-coloured bearing pink or orange accents. These plants require cold temperatures for growth and development, and thus, they cannot survive in cold-free temperature conditions.

4. Chives

Chives are among the most difficult plants to kill. They are the best alternatives to onions and could be added to a dish for getting a moderate onion flavour. What add to the beauty of chives are the purple flowers which are incidentally edible, and that they require low-maintenance and keep your garden alive throughout all seasons.

5. Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium does not want attention from us, but it does ensure to keep gardeners happy. It produces five-petalled, pink-coloured blossoms and gives the garden a zig-zag greenery during the spring. It thrives in semi-shade environment, though it is known to adapt to varied environment effortlessly.