Garden Lighting Ideas and How to Make Them Work

garden lighting ideas

Although garden lighting usually isn’t a top priority for homeowners, it could become quite important. The good news is that you can add lights at just any moment because there are no walls to demolish. The first aspect you should think about is for light to guide you from the front door to the courtyard.

What to choose?

For the lights that will guide you, you may be thinking about bollard lamps that are built on the ground and usually they are one meter high. In case you are looking for something special, you will have to do some research because the majority of the lamps are standard. If you are looking for a vintage look, consider the torchiere-style lamps.

garden lighting ideas

Garden Alley Lighting

If the garden is close to the house, you can guide the visitors through wall lamps or appliques on the wall. You can choose from classical lamps with shades or modern and minimalistic appliques. You can also have a combination of bollard lamps that lead the guest and appliques that offer up-and downlight.

Patio Lighting

In case you have a small patio, you can use wall lamps. However, for a living room kind of patio you should add a sturdy pendant lamp. Standing lights may also be a good idea because their light can be dimmed so they are just perfect for relaxed conversations.

Glowing Pond or Pool

The people who are lucky enough to have a pond should surround it with bollard lamps. Another idea is to use blob or ball shaped lamps on the ground which will look like glowing rocks. The most important aspect to think about is that all the lamps used in the area must be waterproof.

Flower Lights

In order to add personality to the garden you could use small ground lamps among the floral arrangements. These can have the shape of glowing rocks or glowing LED tubes. In case you have trees in the garden, you may add some Japanese style pendant lamps to them.

Where to Look?

Once you have an idea about what kind of lights you would like to have in your garden, the next thing to do is to go to specialty stores, like Castlegate Lights to see what available options they have. If you would like something standard, you will have no problems finding it.

Adding light to the garden can really change its feel, making it more welcoming.

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