Garden Vastu Tips – Part 1


As the ancient principles of Feng Shui are used to design a garden for optimization of energy and luck, so can the principles of Vastu Shastra be incorporated into the scheme of your garden to positively impact one’s mood, health and even prosperity.

Some of the basic principles to be followed for your garden as per Vastu are:

  • Certain garden elements such as lawns, decorative plants, swings, bird or pet houses should be situated towards the northern or the eastern directions.
  • Seating areas in the garden should be such that they face the north and the east, so they should be situated in the South and West directions.
  • Certain plants are thought to be beneficial and auspicious to have around the house, a Tulsi (basil) shrub has medicinal and flavoring agents, coconut and banana plants are thought o be associated with prosperity and plenty.
  • Ideally there should be a straight path that leads from the main door of the house to the outer main entrance to the property, if herbal plants are grown on both sides of this path, such as Tulsi and Jasmine, these are beneficial too. There should be no plant in the middle of this path however, so as not to impede the flow of energy.