Gardeners’ Magic Ingredient, Seaweed


seaweedMore gardeners are discovering the benefits of seaweed in their beds and borders.

Used from hundreds of years by people living by the sea, it can be purchased as a liquid extract and has many advantages.

By adding seaweed extract to the earth it will encourage healthy growth in all types of garden plants. It is especially good for newly planted species as it gives them a great start.

Farmers and commercial growers have known about its benefits for a long time and if you want to use it on a regular basis buying it in bulk will work out much cheaper.

Less a fertilizer and more a soil conditioner because it activates the humus in the earth and sticks the earth particles together for a much better texture.

In many parts of Great Britain washed seaweed, freshly collected from the seashore is routinely dug into beds. This method is apparently excellent for growing potatoes in poor soils.

Another aspect to liquid seaweed extract is that it will increase a plant’s resistance to insect attack, a bug bear for all gardeners everywhere. Various fungal conditions can also be thwarted by many nutrients and trace elements that it contains.

Anyone who does live near to the sea will be able to collect their own seaweed. However care should be taken to only take away what is lying on the shoreline and to avoid disturbing that which is still living. Remember to bring home a little extra to throw in with your garden compost.

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