5 Gardening Tips for Designing Rock Gardens

Grow plants in troughs

Rock gardens are one of the most beautiful and interesting looking gardens which need precision, planning and good designing to be created.  For gardening enthusiasts, preparing a rock garden can be a very rewarding experience and doing so is the most satisfying form of gardening for them. But there are several designing points that one must remember before creating a rock garden. The following are 5 of the most useful tips and suggestions for making a rock garden.

Raised beds

If you have a small space available for creating a rock garden, then you can consider having raised beds.  You can grow dwarf plants or small rock garden plants on these raised areas.  So while designing your own rock garden, make sure you leave room for some raised beds where there is good sunlight, excellent drainage and gritty soil.

Grow plants in troughs

Another effective way of trying your hands out on rock gardening is growing rock garden plants in troughs or containers.  For this, you can opt for alpine troughs which are very attractive and are absolutely perfect for growing rock garden plants.

Improve the drainage

A good and useful tip to grow a wonderful and successful rock garden is to improve the drainage of the area where you plan to grow your garden.  You must choose sandy soil for this kind of a garden and if you want, you can mix this soil with clay as well for better drainage and good results.

Grow plants in troughs

Create a natural looking garden

To create a good looking and effective rock garden, make sure you keep it simple and natural looking rather than trying something which will take the feel of the rocky texture from it.  To do this, you can try to partially bury the stones in the ground rather than keeping them visible.  To bury, keep them two inches up to one third of the length.  This will create an awesome effect and add to the feel of your garden.

Add coarseness

Another way to create a good and pleasing rock garden is by adding coarseness or a coarse texture to it.  This you can achieve by scattering some pebbles or gravel in the garden. This will make it look like a naturally occurring rocky terrain and will also discourage weeds from cropping up in your garden. Keep the coarse texture and feel alive for achieving the true meaning of a rock garden.

Photo Credit By: my.chicagobotanic.org