Top Grasses for Landscaping That You Can Use


Although they are rarely in the spotlight, ornamental grasses for landscaping are quite important. The best thing about them is that no matter what kind of garden you might have, for sure you will find a kind of grass that is suitable.

There are many different textures, colors and outlines to choose from regarding landscaping grasses, and these can be used for softening edges, creating color swaths and also to blend the boundaries.

Hameln Pennisetum alopecuroides as landscaping grasses

Grasses for LandscapingThis kind of grass comes with fuzzy spikes that are just great for any kind of plants, and the best thing about them is that they rise above the leaves of the surrounding plants.

You should know about the landscaping grass that it prefers sunshine and that it grows about 2-3 feet. Another interesting thing about them is that they capture the dewdrops during the night, sparkling in the morning.

Stipa tenuissima

This one of the grasses for landscaping is native in the Southwestern regions, and you could use them if you would like to achieve something similar to the looks of the Great Plains. Just as in the previous case the grass reaches about 2 feet in height and it prefers the sunny regions. The plant doesn’t need a lot of water and it has pink-purple colors to make your garden richer.

Agro-pyron magellanicum

This one of the landscaping grasses is also known as blue wheatgrass, and it got its name after the bluish color that it has. Due to this it has a metallic look. The grass grows about 12 inches and you can find them during early summer. In case you would like to have this kind of grass in regions with hot summers, you should plant them in places with partial shade.

Moor grass

This one of the grasses for landscaping come in a purplish color, and it works out just perfectly with trees and shrubs. Naturally you can find such grasses during the summer and you should use it in case you would like to give your garden a wild side, even though your garden might be well organized.

Phalaris arundinacea Picta

This landscaping grass has been popular among gardeners for a long period of time and it is also known as variegated ribbon grass. Since it is a Native American plant, it is not uncommon to find it at old farms. You can find it during early summer and it works out great for just any garden.

Morning light miscanthus

If you will plant this one of the grasses for landscaping, you will create the illusion that you sprayed your plants with silver. Because of its color, the grass is also known as Japanese silver grass, and because of its adaptability it is suitable for beginner gardeners as well.

Tatra Gold Deschampsia flexuosa

If you prefer bronze over silver, this is the right one of the grasses for landscaping to go for. The grass prefers locations with part sun and at some point you have to divide it.

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