Hardwood Cuttings – How Are They Done?


Instead of going down to the local home improvement store and spending a lot of money for shrubs and trees why not grow your own?

hardwood cuttingTaking hardwood cuttings and propagating your own landscape can not only save you a bundle but leave you with a lot of practical experience. Taking the cuttings is easy. Here the procedure is in just a few steps.

Take a pair of very sharp scissors and cut the stem just above either one or two buds right at the point where this year’s growth is separated from last years.

Remove the foliage and shoots from the stem and make your cuttings about 8” for threes and 3” for shrubs.

Now place an angled cut above the upper most bud and then a horizontal one just below the bottom, bracketing the two buds. You are going to want to scar the base of each section to encourage rooting. Just slice off a thin layer of the wood with a razor or knife and apply hormone rooting powder.