Hassle Free Garden for the Busy Person


Most of us treasure our gardens, particularly during the summer months; it’s great to have a private space to enjoy, relax, eat dinner and throw parties. The trouble is, maintaining a garden can feel like an endless task, making having a garden feel more like burden than something to enjoy.


Image source: http://www.hitechturf.co.uk

Firstly, there’s the challenge of getting things to grow in the garden. This is not always as simple as throwing seeds in the soil, watering them and waiting for them to bloom. There are many different contributing factors that can affect the growth of plants and flowers.

Next up is lawn maintenance. This is a particularly obsessive loop to get trapped in during the spring and summer months. Research suggests that we Brits can spend up to two months of our lives trying to keep our gardens perfectly manicured by mowing the lawn any chance we get.

Changes in the weather such as having a hot, dry month followed by a month of torrential rain can also affect the way in which we maintain our lawns. One way of combatting the lawn mowing cycle altogether is to use artificial grass. Not only does this significantly reduce garden maintenance no matter what the weather decides to do, but you have a lush, green lawn all year round.

It also means that your garden is ready to relax in, dine alfresco or entertain in as soon as the sun comes out – without having to mow the lawn or do a swift tidy up.

Sadly, it’s isn’t just keeping the grass short that will give us the gardens of our dreams. Weeding and edging have a huge part to play here also – especially if weeds are growing in the grass and along your paths as well as in the flower beds.

Weeding is a task most people are loathed to do. While lawn-mowing can become a somewhat obsessive task, it’s not quite the same level of manual labour as getting on your hands and knees to pull up the weeds. Using woodchip on your paths can assist in reducing these garden pests.