How To Create The Perfect Bathroom Garden

How To Create The Perfect Bathroom Garden

Bathroom gardens are now becoming one of the most popular ways of decorating bathrooms; these havens overflowing with plants suffuse a warmer atmosphere, to a room, which can at times be rather ascetic.

These gardens are also appreciated for the limited space they need to grow in, and more and more people are picking up on this trend.

Many bathrooms nowadays are fitted with Jacuzzis or relaxing tubs, following the spa fad, hence the desire to create a lush and relaxing atmosphere, in which to relieve the stress of the day and restore our peace of mind.

How To Create The Perfect Bathroom Garden
If you do plan to create your garden in the bathroom you can proceed using the following suggestions:

You may prefer to create your garden just outside the bathroom window by replacing the frosted glass pane with a clear one, in order to benefit from the backdrop of well-positioned plants, which will provide both privacy as well as the feeling of being actually outside in the garden.

Nowadays some architects are actually removing the barrier between the garden and bathroom completely, allowing you to step directly outside into nature from your shower.

If you decide to turn your bathroom into a garden, you can arrange potted plants along the side of the bathtub; some can grow up the tiles of the bathroom wall, while others can hang from the ceiling. When artfully arranged they create quite an oasis of serenity.

The best choice in plants would be the broad-leaved tropical plants, which are ideal if you want to create a lush and verdant setting.

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