How To Setup A Roof Garden?

Want to set up a garden in your home? Many of you have the same idea of setting-up a garden and making the living more pure because of the fresh air from the plants.

The main drawback of setting up a garden is space.

Is your less space dragging you back from setting up a lovable garden area?

Not only you, many of the garden lovers who live in concrete jungles give up the idea of setting up a garden because of this reason only.

If you live in an apartment then the space you have is very less and setting up plants is not possible and garden is an issue that a normal apartment sized livers cannot think of.

There are many reasons that drag you back from setting up the garden, but roof garden emerged answering all the limitations which are dragging a normal person from setting up a garden.

Roof garden is a garden that is setup at the roof of the place you are living. Terrace gardening or roof gardening can be an interesting subject for gardening lovers.

Before setting up the roof garden you need to look after:

  • Does you terrace or roof bear the weight of the garden? Is the roof strong enough to setup a garden?
  • Does your roof have proper drainage system? Does your roof have a slope which acts as good drainage? If there is no proper drainage facility for the water over flown from the plants then there is a chance that your roof becomes slippery and working in the garden becomes risky.
  • Is your roof properly constructed? Will it be able to stop water from dripping into the next floor?
  • What are the plants you want to setup in the roof garden? Does the plants support growing in roof?
  • What is the means of growing the plants? Are you using soiled plants or hydroponics? If using soiled plants then what are the nutrient values of the soil? If hydroponics plants, you need to think whether the plants suit in roof garden or not?

Check for the above basic requirements while setting up a roof garden. These requirements are very important for making your roof garden idea a hit. If any of these requirements are ignored, then you face problems after setting up the roof garden.