Hydroponics Gardening: An Innovation In Gardening Method


hydroponic plantDid you ever see a hydroponic plant (grows in water) and wondered how it grows?

How does the plant grow without the use of soil? Plants that grow without the use of earth (soil) are called hydroponic plants.

These plants are grown in nutrient solutions, water mixed or dissolved with necessary nutrients acts as soil for the plant growth.

This is a new innovation in plant growth, where small changes can give you good plants and yields. This method is also known as tank farming.

Most people feel that growing hydroponics crops is complicated and tricky, but it is a false assumption; growing hydroponics plants is not a difficult task at all.

There is not much difference between the normal gardening methods and hydroponics gardening methods; they share many similarities.

Both hydroponics and normal gardening methods need water, lighting, humidity and nutrients as basic necessities.

The main difference between the hydroponics garden and normal gardening is that hydroponic plants do not need soil. Water is used as an alternative for soil in growing hydroponics plants.

How do plants grow without soil?

Many think that hydroponic growth is an artificial means of growing plants. This is untrue; this method is as natural as soil growing.

As already mentioned, hydroponics plants use water as their means of growing, water is mixed up with necessary nutrients that are present in the soil.

The nutrients present in water enter into the roots of the plants and provide proper nutrients for plant growth. But how does water transport the nutrients?

As the necessary water is absorbed by the roots of the plants, these nutrients are also observed by the roots.

Hydroponic plants grow both indoors and outdoors. Normal garden plants also reacting positively to this hydroponics method and yield great results.

There are no separate species of plants that are prescribed for growing in hydroponics method; all types of garden plants can be grown in this way.

Hydroponics plants requirements:

Water is the basic requirement. Water that is used for hydroponics plants is mixed up with required nutrients necessary for the plant’s growth.

The pH value of the water for hydroponics garden is 5-6. This is the prescribed pH value for perfect growth of the plants. Water should be changed thrice a day for proper growth of plants.

Advantages of hydroponics gardening:

This method is very useful in places where you cannot find fertile land for proper plant growth.

Hydroponics farming is also becoming famous and lucrative nowadays. The main advantages of growing a hydroponics garden are:

  • Hydroponics plants yields are of high quality. It does not need much labor for digging, weeding, manuring and this is a tidy clean process of growing plants.
  • The plant will not carry diseases that are transmitted with soil.
  • Many think hydroponics method need much water, but when compared to the traditional method of farming it needs less water.

Hydroponics is an increasingly popular and innovative method of growing crops.

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