Importance Of Potting Soil In Growing Aromatic Plants!

potting soilDifferent herbs have different needs and aromatic plants need special care.

For aromatic plants like lavender, you can use lavender seeds.

Irrespective of the struggle, it is a source of great satisfaction to the deeply interested gardener to know that he is giving his plants the best start, and the plants show their appreciation with brushwood and more numerous blossoms.

You can grow several aromatic plants or fragrant herbs just in your window sill. You can start with fresh small plants or seeds.

The important things to consider are light and temperature if you want to grow the aromatic plants indoor. Once you plant a plant or sow seeds, you have to use regular potting soil for fast growth.

If you have backyard, you can grow aromatic plants that need more sunlight without any problem. Basil is a popular fragrant herb that needs the sunlight more and can be grown in the backyard. Other aromatic plants like thyme, sage, marjoram and lavender are easily grown with the help of potting soil.

Planting lavender is the easiest part of keeping the plant alive. But the main thing to keep in mind is to fill your pots or containers with potting soil to have a good result. If you decide to plant lavender in the ground, make sure to add lots of potting soil because lavender does not like sand on its roots.

Even nurseries and greenhouses use potting soil for good and beneficial growth of herbs and many other aromatic plants.

You get what you pay for

When you shop for potting soil, you can find the prices that vary dramatically. Today, the price of cheaper soils have come down to such point that manufacturers are not able to afford to include the finest quality of ingredients.

Potting soil has a good superiority, provides good air exchange and drainage. It also has the capability for holding water and nutrients for aromatic plants for growing. Even though it is expensive, it is a better mix for the proper growth of plants you desire.

You will be surprised to know that potting soil does not contain soil

You can find that a good quality potting soil is really not soil at all, but a mixture of several ingredients which include sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculture, aged composed forest products or sand.

You must be sure to see these ingredients when you purchase this soil and this mix should be mixed by the manufacturer in the proper proportions. A proper mix also includes lime so as to balance for not being acidic or alkaline.

Horticulture professionals always prefer these types of mixes as these are soil less mixes that means they don’t contain dirt from the backyard. This type of soil is mainly developed for nursery industry for their cleanliness and ability for encouraging fast root growth.

Due to the fast and fresh growth, you better try to use potting soil. They will have a better aroma and flavor also. But, remember to buy from a certified manufacturer.