Indoor Gardening To Make Your Home More Attractive!


indoor gardeningEveryone desires to have a well decorated home and therefore strives to make it attractive and beautiful.

Indoor gardening is one of the best options for them.

Indoor gardening is an art of growing indoor plants within the home.

The art of indoor gardening has progressively gained popularity and became a hobby as well as a delightful way to enjoy.

The simplest form of indoor gardening is to get the individual plants you wish into the pots, grow them, and keep them in suitable places within the house. Gardening within the house can benefit you in many ways:

  • Increases the beauty of the house
  • Cleans and clears the air in the room and gives fresh air
  • Keeps you close to the nature all the time
  • Turn a stale room into lively living space.
  • Makes home into a paradise with full of greenery

Wide varieties of plants are available for indoor gardening. However, they differ in maintenance. Therefore, it is a good idea to know about indoor plants before you select plants for your indoor garden.

English ivy, African violets, Amaryllis, Bonsai, Geraniums, Cactus, Daffodil, Croton, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Poinsettia, Aloe Vera Plants are some of the most common indoor plants.

Indoor gardening tips:

  • As the environment in and out of the house differs significantly, the requirements for indoor plant growth does not meet well. Light is the most essential factor in a plant growth and indoor environment does not provide as much as an outdoor environment. So, grow plants that require low light or arrange an artificial lighting system along with natural light.
  • Always keep the pot with few plants and do not overload it with several plants.
  • When using a used pot for putting a plant, clean the pot thoroughly to keep it germ-free.
  • As an indoor gardener, know the moisture levels of the plants you grow in your indoor garden. This is because some plants need moist soil all the time while other plants adjust when the soil dries within the gaps of watering.
  • While watering a plant, pour water directly to soil and make a provision for drainage of excess water or remove excess water from plant saucers in order to keep the soil away from too much wetting.
  • As some plant soils absorb water slowly, it is better to pour water into the pot saucer (saucer under a pot). African violets, for instance, can undergo rot if you water the leaves frequently.
  • In general, plants undergo an adjustment period when you move them from outdoor garden to an indoor light garden. It loses few leaves due to changes in atmosphere, humidity levels, and light. So, instead of giving up, give them some time to adjust to the existing environment.
  • For indoor gardening, pest control is most essential. So, use pest control products such as powder sulfur or spider mite control regularly to keep plants away from infections and to avoid spreading those infections to others.

Maintain your indoor garden with several plants and make your surroundings full of greenery!

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