Learn How To Grow Bonsai Tree Using These Tips!


Bonsai TreeBonsai is a hardy tree which is forced to grow in a small pot; even some tropical plants such as pomegranate has also been grown successfully as bonsai.

Growing the bonsai tree is a fine art which will fill your heart with excitement and happiness.

You have to follow certain measures and steps to grow the bonsai tree. Proper growth and formation cannot be obtained without perfect maintenance.

First of all, you should spend or spare certain time for the maintenance of bonsai tree in your daily routine because much care is required for it.

Steps to follow if you like to have a bonsai tree:

  1. The first step is regarding the selection of the pot. The bonsai pot is an essential part of the design. They have to be as small as 2 inches wide, or as large as 25 inches. Some of them have baked clay, where as the others are glazed and should have the drainage holes.
  2. The soil meant for bonsai must be capable to grasp moisture. Most of the people start by adding a coarse layer of soil at the bottom of the pot and a fine humus rich soil at the top. Before placing the bonsai in the pot, the root ball of that small tree should be cleaned completely and the roots have to be cut back drastically. This process will make the plant dwarfed.
  3. The top of the tree should also be cut back in order to balance the roots. Now put the tree in the pot by packing the soil around the tree and roots firmly. It must be placed in dappled shade for certain period of time such as for few weeks by watering it more frequently.
  4. Watering the bonsai tree is the most important aspect. If you water the bonsai with little water, then the plant will dehydrate and die where as if you put too much of water then it will literally drown the tree. So, you have to water the bonsai tree according to the level of requirement [Watering the garden].
  5. Application of the fertilizer is also the essential aspect. You have to apply the right fertilizer in the right time. Incorrect application of fertilizer or usage of wrong fertilizer in right time can affect the bonsai tree. So, you should know regarding which fertilizer has to be used in which period of time and the fertilizer must be applied only when the soil is wet.
  6. You have to choose the right environment to attain good growth of bonsai. The right environment will certainly encourage the growth of the bonsai tree.

These are the essential aspects that are to be considered when you like to have a bonsai tree in your garden. Don’t compromise regarding the care required for the bonsai tree, because you cannot get proper bonsai without care.