Making The Best Of Fruit Harvesting


Harvesting the fruits is perhaps the best part of the gardening for any gardener. In case you don’t know how to harvest your fruits, here are few tips how to do it. First and most important is to know about the right time for harvesting.

Apples are the most common fruits in any garden. Their harvesting should start in July till early November, before the first frost. Inform yourself about the weather and make sure your fruits will be harvested before the first frost. The cold weather can destroy and ruin your fruits, therefore harvest them in the proper time.

fruit harvesting 1

Pears and apples are typically the fruits, which should be harvested in the autumn. In case you are growing citruses, it will take a year round in mild climates.

fruit harvesting 2

Many consider harvesting fruits with their leaves as a good decision that preserve the fruit in the winter. Harvesting isn’t only taking the fruits indoor, it is also about preserving them, when it’s cold.

fruit harvesting 3

Sort and harvest only the healthier fruits, because they can be preserved for longer time. Do not harvest already damaged fruits, because they may damage the other fruits.

Try to avoid plastic containers and harvest the fruits in a common basket. It keeps the fruits healthier as it allows them to “breathe”.