Many People Turning To Growing Their Own To Save Money


growing carrotsMore and more people are choosing to the good life of home grown produce and the enjoyment of tastier varieties of fruit and vegetables.

A survey carried out by the Royal Horticultural Society has shown that many people are prepared to go into fruit production in an effort to save money.

With over 66 per cent of those interviewed strongly believing that luxury fruit like strawberries and melons cannot be justified in a weekly shopping budget.

The current economic crisis will mean that they are willing to grow their own rather than go without completely.

Thanks to the RHS’s Grow Your Own campaign launched in 2007, over a million UK residents have been successfully been putting food they have produced themselves on their very own tables.

The society runs a series of open days at their four gardens located in Wisley, Hyde Hall, Rosemoor and Harlow Carr. They also provide lots of on-line advice on their comprehensive website.

Not having a garden does not seem to stop people growing various crops on window sills and in patio containers [Container Gardening]. Allotments are now in big demand in urban areas with building plots now being given over to keen gardeners.

A staggering 96 % of those contacted already grow vegetables or are planning to start within the next year. The challenge of reducing food bills obviously brings out green fingers in the over burdened consumer.

Growing more unusual varieties often means a tastier carrot or more adaptable type of potato can be produced.

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