My Garden – An Oasis Of Piece Without Too Much Work


All of us love the idea of having our very own garden, but for most it is only wishful thinking. A garden means a lot of hard work to make it beautiful, then keep it that way. If only one could have a garden without the back breaking work.

This wish could come true if you decide to have a garden but in accordance to the time and effort you could afford. Another thing to keep in mind is not to want a perfectly manicured garden (that needs back breaking work). If you could be satisfied with a garden that has a lived in look, not too perfect and not too messy, you can easily have one in your backyard.

The one thing that makes gardening, a tough job is weeds. If only these would disappear from the scene. They can if you eliminate them as soon as you spot them, instead of waiting for them to grow and mature. Grown plants disperse their seeds inviting more trouble for you.

Pull them out when they are still tender or eliminate them with the help of a little vinegar or scalding water or even a flame torch. Once you get into the habit of getting rid of them young, in due time their occurrence will become a rare phenomenon.

Source: huffingtonpost