Smart Ideas for Choosing Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

People just love spending time outdoors. However, it’s not fun sitting in the dark, so if you have a porch or patio, you should make sure that it is well lit. There are some ideas you could use to make the best of the possibilities that you have.

Not too much

If you don’t want your home to look like a Christmas tree, you might want to consider adding only two lanterns in front of your home. If this is the case, you should go for big impact, so consider the oversized lanterns. The specialists say that the lanterns should be as big as one third of the door.

outdoor lighting

Go Simple

If you happen to have a white color scheme on your porch, there is no need to break the harmony by the light fixture. Consider getting a simple white fixture that will blend in perfectly into the scheme. However, if you have some black accents as well, a black lantern will coordinate perfectly.

Frosted Glass

Most probably you don’t want to clean the light fixtures on your porch each day. This means that you want low maintenance fixtures and your best option is getting lanterns with frosted glass. As an added bonus, the lanterns of this kind also prevent glare.

A Chandelier

For the majority of people it is enough to have a pair of lanterns on the porch or patio. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something with a bigger impact, you should think about adding a matching chandelier as well. This way you will have a lot of light and you will be able to make a statement.

Gas Lanterns

While some people think that gas lanterns are old school, the truth is that there is nothing more inviting than the flickers of a couple of gas lanterns. The majority of modern lanterns come with an electric start, so you will just have to push a button to turn on the light. You can find fixtures of this kind at Arrow Electrical.

String Lights

If you are preparing for a more special event, there is nothing better to use than string lights. This is a great alternative for the traditional lights. The best thing about it is that the guests will see their plates without having to be careful around the light fixtures. Besides, there is something special about dancing under string lights that your guests will surely appreciate.

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