Get the Perfect Family Garden in Time for Spring

perfect family garden in time for spring

A garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy”, in the opinion of the famed Mexican architect Luis Barragan. A serene and relaxing garden space calms the nerves and relives daily stress.

Even a small space can offer a peaceful retreat and a soothing environment to provide you with solace and comfort. It should also be a place that your children can enjoy, so here are some simple tips to help create the perfect family hangout in time for spring.

perfect family garden in time for spring

Green Fingers

Watching something grow from a seed can be magical, and it’s a great learning experience for a child. When buying shrubs, flowers and groundcovers, let your children pick the colour palette. Be prepared for lots of bright, stimulating shades; the effect might be slightly more garish than the palette you would have gone for, but see the vibrant blooms as an expression of your little ones’ creativity.

Do the planting as a family. Most garden centres sell children’s gardening kits, with small pots or seed trays; tools in miniature, perfectly fitted to little hands; and booklets explaining, in simple terms, how to grow the plants.

To maximise the beauty and tranquillity of your garden go back to nature by planting flowers that will entice butterflies and other helpful insects. Choose a place to grow climbing vines, as these will attract butterflies and create a beautiful living wall full of colour and movement, great for teaching your children about domestic wildlife species.

Hiding Spaces

Children are contradictory; even the ones who never seem to sit still enjoy having a quiet, private place to hang out, and can spend many happy hours in their den. Your creation can be tailored to your child’s interests. If you have a bookworm, create a reading nook. If you have a little actor or actress in the making, a small clubhouse can become a valuable set piece.

If you have a child obsessed with pirates, make them a ship. Your plans don’t have to be huge or ambitious: a teepee tent can provide hours of fun and can be bought or made inexpensively; and plastic, wood and even cardboard pre-built playhouses are available in abundance. For the more DIY-minded, head down to a retailer such as Anglia Tool Centre, stock up on equipment and get started.

Entertain Outdoors

The summer months are coming, and there is something special about sitting outside on a warm night and eating alfresco. If cooking helps you to relax and unwind then get a barbecue and turn some steaks beneath the stars.

Creating a designated sport for entertaining – be it a deck, patio or outdoor kitchen – even allows room for some family fun and games after dinner. Enjoy your meal together before breaking out the board games.

Shady Spots

Find a shady spot, whether that’s beneath a graceful weeping willow, a pergola or an outdoor deck and make it comfortable with a swing seat. Encourage your children to grab a book, sit back and let their feet trail along the ground as they read for a relaxing, educational activity.


Strategically place chairs or benches so that you can sit together as a family and enjoy every section of your garden oasis. Trying using large landscape rocks or logs as seating to create a back to nature vibe, grab some marshmallows and make a little campfire for sitting round and telling your children stories. Who needs the great outdoors to go camping?

Put these tips into practice and give your children a youth to remember, full of happy memories of summers filled with fresh air and playtimes.

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