Shade and Spectacular Container Gardens


Growing flowers in pots is very simple, because there are plenty of reasons to choose this type of gardening. Here are the most important reasons. All that is left to do is use your imagination.

Flower pots can be easily moved. How many gardeners didn’t wish for a plant to have grown elsewhere? Those plants growing in containers are very easy to place anywhere you like.

Container GardensYou can always light up a forgotten corner of the garden by placing a pot of colorful eye-catching flowers, such as Helichrysum.

Some species that have a short period of prosperity, such as lilies, look absolutely gorgeous and will light up your garden without any problems.

A good thing is that you can move them when they stop blooming.

Flower containers are being remarked. Plants grown in pots and pots themselves create interest.

If you know how to strategically group them, the feeling of boredom will disappear from your garden, creating an environment perfect for relaxation.

You can build a simple garden around a theme or color, using a mix of yellow and blue Pansies, Valerian and Calendula. Another option may be Sedum and Sempervivum containers, which look simple but elegant.

Flower pots can compensate for deficiencies in the garden. Place the pots in the garden, near the rough-looking flowers, to compensate for the lack of brightness. Don’t forget to water them, give them fertilizer and remove wilted leaves every week.

Flower containers can be rearranged. You can always change the order of flower containers in the garden, depending on your mood. You can enjoy a pot of Violets and Narcissus in spring, Petunia and Cinerary in summer. In autumn you can replace them with a pot of Nettle.

You can control the growth of plants with containers. With the help of containers you can ‘trap’ the flowers that tend to invade your garden such as Phalaris, greenish blue grass (Elymus glaucus) and mint.

Flower containers create a pleasant environment. The containers have a tendency to catch viewers’ attention. You can place them outside, near a larger plant, giving a fresh look to your garden or terrace.

Also, you can style your garden pots if you group and align Rosemary pots or Ivy pots that have the same shape and size. If they are placed in a nice order, the garden will look more formal. There are people that use this technique for many years of gardening.

Plants in containers survive harsh weather conditions. Plants that require a longer development time to be able to thrive in the warm season can be sown in a container placed inside the house, so you can later move them outside. The most sensitive plants, such as Laurel and Lemon Verbena are extraordinary plants if you keep them indoors during winter.

The only thing you need to take care of is that the transition from the inside to the outside will not be sudden, and it will be done considering the temperature and the sunlight. The cultivation of domestic citrus fruits tree is based on this technique, because they are moved inside the house when the cold comes.