Simple Steps Towards Shrub Uprooting


shrub uprootingDo you have too many shrubs in your yard?  Are you ready to get rid of them but are not sure how?  Read on.

First things first…using a pruning tool, prune back your longer branches ensuring to leave a piece of the trunk that is long enough for you to get a grip on.

Next you should take a shovel and start digging a kind of moat around the shrub. Make it about 2 feet in depth.

While you are digging, if you run into small roots, go ahead and cut through them with your shovel. You will probably find quite a few roots, and if they are too big for the shovel then just use your mauler instead. Next, just grab hold of the trunk and commence pulling.

If you have to, shake it back and forth to make it looser in the ground. Once you have gotten it as loose as possible with your hands, put the shovel back under it and use it for leverage to push the shrub up. It should pop right out.

After that, make sure you have gotten all the stray roots and fill the hole back in.

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