Spring Cleaning Your Garden For The Summer


spring cleaningIf a gardener puts the effort in during spring, he will be rewarded throughout the summer months.

It will also get you in tune with your plants and you will feel reactivated just like your perennials.

When you first look out it will be hard to see any plants from the amount of debris.

Leaves, old stems and discarded flowers may seem over whelming but after a couple of hours you would have rediscovered old favorites and remembered last year’s showstoppers.

Pruning is easy at this time of year because new growth tells you in most cases where exactly to cut. For trees and shrubs that are not so obvious look them up in a reliable book, however at the very worse you might lose out on a year of growth. Remove any damaged stems and if you notice any disease cut them away as well.

Raking makes a big difference not just in borders but on the lawn, so it is well worth setting aside some time. Whilst you do your garden spring clean look out for any plants that have died and may need replacing. Some bigger species might appreciate a major cutback to revitalize them.

Check fencing and gates to see if any repair work is required, sometimes an extra cold winter can take its toll on wood etc. Eye mark what jobs need doing and if anything need re-painting.

If you compost your waste this is a good time to check bins or containers, you might discover that over the dormant months a wonderful substance to kick start your yard.