Spring Planting Tips And Techniques


spring plantingFlowers blossom during spring. Your energy and time is well spent in your garden.

This is the time when all the greenery boasts of its rich and best shade of green.

Flower shops are back in full swing with fresh and beautiful flowers, daffodils, roses, lilies, daisies and many more.

The temperatures become warmer. To get the best results in your garden, you have to know how to handle spring gardening.

It’s time to start pruning your fruit trees and roses if you haven’t done that already. This is to ensure fuller growth for the plants.

Planting vegetables in spring helps to get rid of insects that harm them. Therefore start planting early cauliflower and cabbage. Begin sowing spinach, peas and carrots as soon as the soil is ready.

Once the sap starts running, you have to start grafting. If you do not know how to do this then you better ask someone who knows and is experienced.

Some plants are protected from the chills of winter by covering them with mulch. Spring time is the ideal season to uncover these plants, for example, roses and perennials.

Make use of raised beds. The drainage system is much better than in low ground beds. These beds also warm up faster as compared to the latter.

In spring the soil may still be hard and difficult to work on because of the previous winter season. It will help if you cover the soil with plastic, dark colored plastic for a number of weeks. This is to warm up the soil and prepare it for planting early vegetables.

Spading your flower bed is also part of the preparatory phase.

When watering plants, too much water can hinder full growth. So only water your plants when the soil is dry. However, during spring this rule is an exception. Water the plants thoroughly to kick start their growing cycle.

Spring time is also the time to plant summer bulbs, for instance, lobelia and marigolds.

Spring planting requires preparation and careful planning. You will love the results of your good and hard work. It is spring time after all, Time for new beginnings, new flowers and early vegetables. So let’s get to it. Spring is not here all year round.

It comes once a year.  After all, it is about time you started to enjoy your self made beautiful garden than stop and admire others. Next time you will have passer-bys who will stop and admire your garden.