5 Steps for Creating Your Own French Country Garden

Creating French Country Garden

A French country garden is a very green colored garden which has bright and bold colors and is a rather crowded garden which inspite of being chaotic gives onlookers a sense of flow and symmetry.  These types of gardens are very popular and many people love creating such gardens in their backyards. This classic garden formation can now be achieved by you too by using the following given 5 steps:

Creating French Country Garden

1.Choose the Size

So the first step to create your French country garden is to choose an appropriate size. For this you must be clear about whether you want your entire garden space to be French style or only a part of it. Only after deciding this can you move onto the next step.

2. Pick the Focus Item

The next step to create a classic French country garden is to choose 1 or 2 large accent pieces for the garden. The entire garden is planned and created around these pieces and they form the highlight of the space.  Some examples of focus pieces for your French country garden are wrought iron table, wrought iron trellis or a fence.

3. Pick the Plants

Okay, so now you have placed the focus piece in the decided part of the garden. Now you need to make a list of the plants you want in your garden. This is completely your independent choice but keep in mind that the plants you use should be a good mix of fruit trees/plants and decorative plants.  This will make your garden both a useful place and a wonderland of beauty.  Also add some fragrant herbs such as chamomile and lavender. Make sure that after adding all these plants, your garden has green as the main color and consists of splashes of many different colors here and there.

4. Add Color

As mentioned above, your garden needs bright colors for it to really be a French country garden. For this you can add geraniums and petunias as they are not only inexpensive but also do a wonderful job of bringing in brightness and colors.

5. Add a Pebble Path or a Similar Attraction

To finalize your garden or to give it a finishing touch, you can add a pebble path to it.  This brings in contrast, texture and makes your garden very inviting.  Some other attraction ideas are fountains, cobblestone path or ponds.