Success Of Gardening Depends On Planting Dates

The timing is essential for the plants in your garden.

If you are confused when faced to picking a date for planting your seeds, here are a few golden tricks.

The last spring frost is probably the most important thing to have in mind when planting the first seeds.

Then you need to focus on the temperature of the soil, the slope and the altitude of the land you are going to cultivate, the closest water sources and how long the day lasts.

If you plan to grow plants with a growing time which is longer than the usual, then those will have to be kept inside for a start; remember to plant the seeds in the indicated period so you can avoid any unwanted surprises.

Last but not least, if one vegetable does not have any date attached, then there is no starting method we recommend for that particular species.

You may also want to keep your eyes on the moon and plant the crops that grow above the earth in the period when the moon is new to full; the rest of the month is better for the underground crops.

And one more thing: it is indicated to plant during mid-daytime.

Source: almanac