Summer Drought and the Best Plants to Fight It


When people think about summer, they instantaneously imagine heat and sunshine, and so they are also thinking about drought. This is an aspect that you have to take into consideration when planning your garden, especially in case you are living in a region where watering during hot summer days is an issue.

Although the majority of the plants need water, there are also some that tolerate drought, such as lavender. This plant offers you everything that you need: looks, smell and toughness. There are several different colors to choose from, like blue, purple, lavender or white. You could dry them and use them in crafts or you could also use them in cooking.

SundropsYarrow also comes with numerous advantages that are difficult to resist. It is really tolerant regarding drought, it is really easy to grow and it is a great cut flower, not to mention the fact that pests don’t really touch it.

The most common color is yellow, but you could also find it in shades of orange, pink, red and white.

Agastache should also be taken into consideration. If you have this plant, you can be sure to have some color in your garden through the summer and the fall.

There is a variety called ‘Desert Sunrise’ that offers orange blooms with pink and lavender tints. Besides it being a great cut flower, it also has the advantage of attracting numerous hummingbirds.

Another flower that you shouldn’t forget about is the Sundrops. The flower offers its yellow blooms starting with spring all the way to fall. Just as the previous flowers, it takes drought really well. Although it seems like a great flower, you have to be careful about it; in case of rich soil it could get a little ‘aggressive’ in the garden.

Russian sage is something that you simply must love. This is considered to be one of the toughest plants of them all. It is interesting because it has silvery foliage and it is really fragrant. The violet blooms of it are simply unique. The taller versions of the plant are just great for the borders and another good thing about the plant is that the majority of the pests stay away from it.

Another kind of sage is the bush sage that is an all year around plant. It is considered to be tough and it is able to survive in the majority of the conditions while it offers beautiful flowers and it attracts a lot of hummingbirds. One of the kinds that you might like is ‘Raspberry Delight’ that, just as the name suggests, offers raspberry colored flowers all season, starting with early spring, through the end of fall.

Meadow sage should also be taken into consideration. This is known for the clusters of violet blue flowers blooming from midsummer to the beginning of fall. Butterflies and hummingbirds really like these flowers and they are also great cut flowers. There are many other plants to be taken into consideration in case you have to be fighting drought.