The Garden In The Water


garden waterIf the garden behind your house is in the shape of a submerged pool, meaning that the level of garden soil is lower than the rest of the terrain, do not panic.

Under these conditions you can have a very envied garden. This type of terrain allows the water rain to gather so the humidity is assured and even more than that, constant.

Such a garden is the only viable chance to solve the problem of a uneven terrain and it is a very useful opportunity to gather the useful water rain, avoiding the flooding of some portions of the house…

Such a garden is easy to make especially if the land is naturally deepened. If there are holes of different shapes and sizes the effect can be even more spectacular.

In order to find the center of the garden, you need to find out where does the rain water flows from. That particular area needs to be planted with decorative water loving plants and trees.

In order to get a success from the beginning, you will have to choose indigenous plants that are fitting better in the harsh weather conditions regardless of the season. They are preferable to the more exotic plants that are harder to adapt and taken care of.

The local plants offer natural habitat for birds, insects and butterflies and that is why the use of pesticides and herbicides won’t be necessary unless the plants get sick.

Apart from preventing the soil erosion the indigenous plants do not require special attention and that saves you a lot of time and money.

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