The Ingredients For A Peaceful Garden Recipe


garden fountainsThe lawn

This is the zone that needs the most watering, the grass needs special attention but still a green zone is highly more recommendable that the grey of cement.

The perfect recipe for a green zone is a combination of grass, medicinal and aromatic plants.

The garden lights

Considering that the lights responsible for creating a ferric garden during nighttime are specially configured to stay outside, the ideal and less expensive solution is to buy for the garden standing solar lamps.

The terrace

A chic terrace made of high quality, resistant wood creates a perfect ambiance. The only thing you need to worry about are snails. They are very fond of the moisture the wood is retaining.

The garden fountains

If you need to attract birds, a simple old sink or pot, decorated with style and with plants all around it, can create a beautiful contrast and also a mirror effect so enjoyable inside of a flower garden. If the garden is bigger you can create a pond and populate it with decorative fish.

The garden furniture

Before buying the garden furniture certain aspects need analyzing. Is there the need for pliable furniture that will be stored in a storage room during winter or the right choice is a solid wood or cement furniture?

According to this choice it is easy to decide upon the color and shape.