The Most Common Plants Need Some Skills To Cultivate


You might imagine that a plant as simple as the potato does not need much care or attention in order to grow.

That is not exactly right. For potatoes need to be observed not only when they are growing inside of the soil, but also when they are waiting for the planting season, somewhere in a basement.

The first thing you have to know is that chitting them might assure you a quicker and larger harvest. In order to do it right, you need to store your potatoes in a light place at about 10 degrees Celsius.

If you can arrange them with most of their eyes upright, that would be perfect. If you are cultivating many, then you might need a box or more to put them in, but remember to separate them using parts of a newspaper.

The perfect place to store them depends on where you live. If it does not get too chilly outside, you may keep them on the porch but if it starts to freeze out, then the greenhouse or a garage which is warmer might be the right solution.

The chit operation is extremely important for the early varieties, making them grow larger and possibly even tastier bulbs. If you want bigger bulbs, leave only three shoots at the top of the tuber when you plant it. Otherwise, you will harvest many, but significantly smaller.