The Most Important Bugs for your Garden Area

The Most Important Bugs for your Garden Area

When the danger lurks in your garden, there is a risk of vegetables, flowers and seeds getting destroyed. At such a time, organic gardeners are the best solutions. Organic gardeners or the beneficial bugs are the important insects that will help in controlling the pest and will battle with the harmful material present inside the garden soil. These bugs have effectively replaced those nasty and expensive chemicals that were earlier used for the purpose of pest control.

Aphid Midge

aphid midge

This is a tiny yet long legged fly who aims to paralyze the prey of aphides through its toxic saliva. The pollen parts of the flowers and the seeds will help you get this beneficial bug to your garden.

Braconid Wasps

braconid wasps

Braconid wasps function is such a way that the adult female of the species will leave its eggs into the host bug. The larvae that will be produced will start to feed inside the host. Once the development of larvae would complete, the host ultimately dies. If you are looking forward to have these beneficial bugs to your garden, start growing nectar plants such as parsley, dill, wild carrot etc.

Damsel Bugs

damsel bugs

Another important bug that is needed for the pest control is damsel bug. You can get these beneficial bugs from alfalfa fields by using a net. These bugs have a tendency to feed on aphids, thrips, caterpillars and other nasty pests.

Ground Beetles

ground beetles

Known to be a predator of slugs, cutworms, snails, ground beetles are highly voracious in nature. The nocturnal nature of ground beetles can swallow more than 50 caterpillars. Planting perennials in your garden can help you fetch ground beetles and prevent pests.



Sweet asylums, angelica, cosmos, and coreopsis are ideal to get lacewings to your garden. Adult lacewings and its larvae are effective beneficial bugs that gulp caterpillars, mealy bugs and white flies.

Soldier Beetles

soldier beetles

The main feeding pests of soldier beetles are caterpillars, aphides, bugs and other harmless species. You can attract these soldier beetles by planting catnip, goldenrod and hydrangea.

Tachinid Flies

tachinid flies

The larvae of these flies are burrowed into the caterpillars, which prevent the pests and insects from growing deep inside. To get these beneficial bugs in your garden, you need to plant sweet clover, parsley, dill and other related herbs that attract tachinid flies. This is a cheap method to eradicate unwanted pests from cultivating.