The Right Choices For An Urban Top Gardener


In case you are a city gardener and you don’t have a lot of much place for producing your favorite vegetables, don’t bother. There is a way to grow your own veggies in an urban atmosphere. Here are some tips for the vegetables, which can easily be grown in a small place such as the usual urban gardens.

urban gardensVegetables, which don’t need so much space are lettuces, peppers, cabbages and some herbs. You can place them in an 8-inches deep container.

If you want to add more style to your urban garden, then you certainly need fruit trees. They are not easy to maintain and want a constant care, but you can grow them in 4 feet deep pots or containers, which would be solid enough in a windy weather.

urban gardenFruits also could be part of your city garden. For instance strawberries can grow fine in a hanging basket. In case you have enough space for a green wall, grow there a mix of herbs and lettuces.