The Soil Structure Can Tell You All About Your Future Plants


soil structureAny gardener knows that the most important thing in his garden is the soil. The soil is the key factor, when it comes to healthy vegetables.

Most of the plants require a different kind of soil, so you need to check the soil structure of your garden, in case you want to know what kind of plants will grow well in your soil.

Testing the soil structure can be done in a lab, but if that’s too much for you, simply observe your own soil and make sure you are choosing plants that will go well in your garden. Dig a hole in your soil and take a look at your soil.

The perfect soil should be containing different size of crumbs. This means it should be a good mix between cloddy, powdery and granular soil. If it’s too dry, this mean you will have to water it often.

A too granular structure of the soil will surely require a special fertilizer, for it is a sign your soil needs enriching.

If the soil breaks apart easily, this is also not good sign. This shows it is too hard and it will be difficult to grow plants, for their roots are delicate and the soil will affect their growth.