The White Fairytale Garden – How to Create


When it comes to gardens, the color theme is very important if you want to achieve the fairytale look. The white garden theme is certainly the most elegant of all and in order to be able to create it you must offer the space depth and creativity using height, size and texture.

Garden themes are all about landscaping design. If the winter can dress up a garden without your help the rest of the seasons will need a special kind of treatment for your garden to be fairy white.

white fairy tale garden

Growing climbing plants is a good idea. Roses, white glycine and clematis climbing on pergolas will glide in the wind above white peonies and hydrangeas.

For the ground, the snowdrops blankets in spring and the arabis in the beginning of the summer are the best recipe. It is also recommendable to include plants with rich leaves able to capture the attention making a beautiful contrast with the white flowers. The ivy and the yew can offer perfect shade for the flowers.

In order to be successful in your task of creating a fairytale garden, you will have to attend it all through the year. You should make a list of plants and include in your garden the ones that will bloom gradually all through the year.

On spring the white blooms may come from Magnolia Stellata, white Dicentra spectabilis, White Triumphator, hyacinths, Ice follies daffodils and lilies of the valley. When summer comes, the White Excelsior, the Korbin Iceberg rose, lilies, daisies and hydrangea can perfectly paint the garden in white.

Yucca gloriosa, Sorbus cashmiriana and Anemone hybrida or japonica with a late bloom will compliment the white garden during the first weeks of fall. The wood or metal décor elements from your garden should be painted in white or silver so that they increase the effect of the color theme.

The paths covered with white pebbles will leave the impression of wider space and the white garden accessories will bring to the garden a Mediterranean air.

When designing a white garden and making it ready to accommodate guests, make sure you add an elegant touch with the right garden accessories which will create a romantic evening air. White candles, lanterns and garden lights will shine in the night air scented with jasmine perfume.

White garden beds or hammocks and white garden furniture will complete this fairytale realm.

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